Uluslararası Güven, Kıtalar Arası Lojistik.


ÜN-KA Lojistik, founded in 2003 in Izmir, is one of the leading and visionary companies of the sector. ÜN-KA Lojistik was founded by Ünsal Kaçakoğlu, who has become one of the leading names in the industry in the light of his knowledge and experience in the sector for many years. has become a preferred institution by many domestic and foreign companies with its reliable, fast and quality service concept.

ÜN-KA Logistics, which has a comprehensive vehicle park with a collective, reliable and fast-acting expert team, is one of the first companies to receive the R1 Authorization Certificate of General Directorate of Land Transportation of the Ministry of Transport in İzmir.

The finished product, raw material and performing the complete transportation within the borders of Turkey of semi-finished-K Logistics serves the best of the continental European countries, alongside all the Balkan countries with a strong infrastructure of international road transport.

ÜN-KA Logistics combines speed and quality with its equipped, young and dynamic human resources and modern bottom and top structure, delivering the products to the final result in the most suitable time with the right planning. ÜN-KA Logistics continues to grow in Europe with an unsurpassed supplier network, offering flexible solutions to its customers in complex transportation.